Wudlay CLUB 505 BLOCK BOARD is manufactured from the GOLD PINE mber, a naturally termite protected wood species well known for its high strength and durability. It is available in BWP grade. This BWP grade is bonded with high solid content phenol Formaldehyde Resin under high pressure and temperature.

Every Wudlay CLUB 505 Board is 4 mes pressed under the controlled heat of 130°C and extreme pressure to compress the veneer-resin pack to obtain superior quality plywood.

Wudlay CLUB 505 Block board, confirming to IS:1659 Standards, is a highquality product offering from Wudlay that guarantees for its bond quality, durability, straightness. The resin used inside of Block boards are high solid content and high bonding strength. All Wudlay CLUB 505 boards are treated for protecon against termite and borer.

Sizes: 8×4
Thickness: 19mm, 25mm
• 100% Termite and borer proof
• High durability due to GOLD PINE mber.
• High density block board
• 100% water proof
• Bending and warping resistance
• Super smooth surface