Wudlay CLUB 505 Flush door is a strong, durable and guaranteed product, that is manufactured to stay for years in varying weather condions. With excellent build quality, exceponal finish and unique dimensional stability, Wudlay CLUB 505 flush doors are a guaranteed product. It is made of selected matured GOLD PINE frames processed in latest Gang saw machines and precisely sawn battens.

The strict manufacturing process of using same species of mber in each Door ensure Doors dimensional accuracy, No weather effect and 100 percent Flatness with long life.

Wudlay CLUB 505 flush Doors with IS:2202 in BWP Grade is made using Gold Pine because of which the bonding strength in every flush door guarantees for zero delimitaon. Each door is treated with environmentally friendly and highly efficient an termite borer chemical processing to make it Protected from fungal aacks, Termite and Borer infiltraons and soil impacts.

With outstanding laboratory tesng schedule, every batch of doors is designed to protect any facility from an effect of weather, micro-organism aacks and day to day impacts.

• Manufactured with high solid content resin for beer bonding.
• High screw holding capacity.
• High shock resistance.
• Boiling water proof.
• Smooth surface.
• Lab tested and eco friendly.
• Zero gap and zero bending.
• Free from corrugaon and roughness.